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"At Last! A Complete A to Z Video Series
that Walks You Step-by-Step Through Everything
You Need to Know in Photoshop!"

Learn to Photoshop like the Pros and toss your frustrations out the window for good!

How many times have you been working on an image in Photoshop, but can't quite get the result you were looking for?

This is actually all too common.

Most Photoshop users try to learn Photoshop on their own, but end up skipping over many of the tools made available to them. Using the right tool for each job is crucial when using Photoshop. You can literally save hours of your time, just by picking the correct tool to use. For instance, you could stretch something in just 2 seconds with the liquify tool, but if you didn't know about it or how to use it, you'd waste precious time trying to use multiple other tools for the same job.

Or, what if you want to put your picture on MySpace, Facebook, or any other social networking website, but the pic you want to use, is also the pic where you have some acne on your face... Well, if you don't know what tools to use, you'd probably start painting over it or something, and end up making it look fake! Well, it doesn't have to be hard at all. In fact, the example below literally took me 2 seconds to fix the 2 blemishes. That's the power of knowing all the tools in Photoshop!

I remember when I first started using Photoshop, and how I always used the wrong tools. I honestly think I used the smudge tool more than anything else, but now it rarely gets used. If you don't know the various tools in Photoshop, then you are severely limiting your capabilities with this amazing graphics program.

I wasted months of my time trying to do Photoshop without learning all of the ins and outs first. However, once I finally forced myself to sit down and learn each and every aspect of Photoshop (one bit at a time), I realized what I had been missing. Since that time, I have made it my mission to share my new found knowledge with others, and to make sure that noone else has to go through the same long and tedious process that I had to endure just to learn how to properly use Photoshop.

If you are trying to learn Photoshop, then these videos are your answer! I have spent countless months making sure this course is the best course out there for anyone wanting to learn how to use Photoshop Quickly and Easily.

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With These Photoshop Video Lessons.....

photoshop lessons
You will easily Impress your friends with our new skills! They won't know what got into you.
photoshop lessons
You will Save a TON of time and frustration when you know how to use Photoshop like a seasoned pro! You can start pumping out amazing images in no time!
photoshop lessons
You can Quickly fix your pictures before you share them with friends and family, blemishes, brightness / contrast, and much more!
photoshop lessons
Touch up old photographs with the new found knowledge this course will give you!
photoshop lessons
Start charging people to edit images for them. People will beg you to charge them a fee for your services!
photoshop lessons
You will be more organized with your Photoshop projects, which means more time for you to spend doing other things!
photoshop lessons
Create Amazing headers and logos – which look as clean and slick as the ones done by professional designers who charge more than 200 dollars for these.
photoshop lessons
Retouch photos and remove any scratches or red eyes within seconds
photoshop lessons
Create special text effects for flyers, school projects, work, your myspace and Facebook pages, and more!
photoshop lessons
Whiten the teeth of a person in a photo, remove acne, or even make someone fat if you want!
Remove wrinkles of an old person and make them look young. Grandma will get a kick out of that one!
Place yourself in new surroundings, such as on the beach, on top of the Eiffel Tower, in Mid Air, next to the President, or wherever you want!
The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! You will have the skills to do all of this plus MUCH MORE!

Included in this Video Course are 20 Lessons that teach you.....

Video 1: Basic Navigation

Basic Navigation

This video shows you the basic navigation of your Photoshop work area. This will help you to identify where everything is located, as well as the many options you have for customizing your work space in Photoshop. This information is a must if you want to learn how to use Photoshop. If you are new to Photoshop, this video will help make sense out of everything!

Video 2: Photoshop Menus

Photoshop Menus

This video explains the most commonly used items in the menus found at the top of your Photoshop work space. This video goes into great detail, to ensure you know where to find what you need quickly and easily!

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Video 3: Layer Basics

Basic Navigation

This video shows you how to work with Layers. This gives you tremendous flexibility when it comes to editing your pictures, and allwos you to make changes much faster! This helps you from making permanent changes to your original picture. Layers are very important in Photoshop. Everyone new to Photoshop should start learning how to work with layers before anything else. This video makes it VERY easy!

Video 4: Cropping Images

Photoshop Menus

There are several ways to crop your images, and these are all covered in this detailed video.

Video 5: Choosing a File Format

Basic Navigation

This video explains the most common file formats. This is important, because each format is unique. For instance, high quality, transparency, etc... No need to worry, this video shows you exactly what you need to know!

Video 6: Transform Tools

Photoshop Menus

Learn how to use the Tranform tools to distort, skew, warp, scale, rotate, flip or adjust the perspective of your image. This is a MUST KNOW if you want to work quickly in Photoshop.

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Video 7: Brush Tools

Basic Navigation

Learn the different settings and options available with this versitle tool. Knowing the various uses of the brush tool will help you with editing all of your images.

Video 8: Eraser Tools

Photoshop Menus

Photoshop has many different eraser tools and settings. Knowing the right way to do it can both save time and frustration from having to re-do lost work.

Video 9: Clone Stamp & Healing Brush

Basic Navigation

Learn the ins and outs of the clone stamp tool and the healing brushes. These 2 tools will save you a ton of time, and ensure you get the image that you want!

Video 10: Patch Tools

Photoshop Menus

You'll learn how to remove parts of an image while leaving the patterns and colors from the background. You can start making flawless edits each and every time!

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Video 11: Dodge & Burn Tools

Basic Navigation

Lighten or Darken certain areas of your image. Learn to use the dodge and burn tools in a non-destructive way that lets you edit your pictures without damaging your image.

Video 12: History Brush Tool

Photoshop Menus

One of the most handy tools in Photoshop. Using the history brush can literally save you HOURS of work each time you use it!

Video 13: Placing Images Behind Text

Basic Navigation

Learn how to create amazing text effects and be able to place any picture you want behind it!

Video 14: Creating & Editing Text

Photoshop Menus

This is one of the most useful and common things you'll need to learn in photoshop. Learn how to place text on an image and how to blend it to fit any picture.

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Video 15: Gradients

Basic Navigation

Find out how to create and use gradients with the gradient tool in photoshop. You can make some really cool effects with the gradients panel!

Video 16: Awesome Rainbow Effects

Photoshop Menus

Use gradients to add a realistic rainbow effect to a picture. Create stunning effects in your images in minutes!

Video 17: Proper use of Filters

Basic Navigation

Photoshop includes filters you can use to improve your images and selections such as sharpening, adding blur and fine tuning color. Or use them to put an artistic look on your images! There are thousands of possibilities!

Video 18: Mastering the Liquify Tool

Photoshop Menus

This handy tool can create all kinds of effects and is one of the most useful tools in photoshop for altering an image. The liquify tool is almost an entire graphics program in itself!

Video 19: Replacement Methods

Basic Navigation

In this video you'll learn how to change out portions of your image. In this example the sky is removed and replaced with a more vibrant one.

Video 20: Color Selection Changing Tutorial

Photoshop Menus

Using the quick selection tool to change the color of a car. This can be used to change the color of just about anything and only takes seconds to do!

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That's 20 Videos Total! Each Video Lesson is Professionally Presented in High Quality.
All Easy to View and Very Easy to Follow!

These videos help you get started FAST!

Here's what others are saying....

"These videos are Exactly What I Needed!"

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Billy Franz - San Antonio, TX


"I can now do more that I ever hoped to do in Photoshop"

"I own a bakery, and we often print out flyers to hand out to other local businesses. We wanted to make some nicer looking flyers without having to pay a graphics person. Since I wasn't very good with Photoshop, I decided to search for some free tutorials. None of the ones I could find helped me out at all. Eventually I stumbled across Photoshop Video Lessons, and I saw that the price was cheap, so I went for it. What can I say? It was a great decision. I can now do more that I ever hoped to do in Photoshop. I am even teaching my employees how to use it. I 100% recommend these lessons to anyone who needs a better understanding of Photoshop. Thanks!"
Kiro Moto - Clearfield, PA

"Made learning photoshop easy!"

"Thanks for these videos, its made using photoshop so much fun now that I know how to use it."

Sarah Kingsley - Newark, NJ

"This product is great!"

"I am relatively new to Photoshop. I have spent over 3 months trying to figure it out on my own. It was just too much to handle for me, so I searched online for some help. I came across these Video Lessons, and I must say, I am very impressed! I can now navigate my way around, and know how to use all the tools! This is perfect for my scrapbooking! I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me figure out Photoshop without charging me an arm and a leg! This product is great!"
Cheryl Cook - Buffalo, NY


"These have been a huge help to me.."

"These Photoshop Lessons are great! I finally understand Photoshop VERY well thanks to you! I can't wait until you release more of these. These have been a huge help to me, and I can't thank you enough!"

Darlene Voss - Columbus, OH


"I just wanted to say thanks for an amazing product! I wish I found this sooner!
Take Care!"

Mike Deaton - Santa Rosa, CA


How much would it be worth.....

How much would it be worth to you to save hundreds of hours - (virtually eliminating the learning curve of Photoshop), and start editing images in Photoshop like a Pro almost immediately? Sure, you can buy expensive $500 courses on Photoshop, and do pretty well for yourself, but wouldn't you rather skip all of that, and get right down to what you need to know?

People are already paying more than $200 and even $300 dollars to join photoshop classes in their area. Dvd’s are being sold for $97 although they don’t even teach you half of what this course contains and they are so complex that even after months of watching you won't get any further.

But, I am not going to charge you $200 or even $97. I am a born teacher and nothing can beat the joy that I feel when people like you email me the slick and clean looking graphics that they have done. They tell me how they were able to edit a friends photograph to make him look old. That’s why I like my life as a teacher and that’s why I am pricing this course low enough for anyone to get their hands on it!

Using Photoshop is both fun and easy, but you need to know the core components, and how to use them properly if you want to be good at it.
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